Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Love New York

Well last weekend we went to NYC for Alex’s 14th Birthday Present and we had a wonderful time. We unfortunately did not get to go to the Statue of Liberty because of the insane line that had already formed. But did get to see a lot of  the city. Here is a snapshot of what we did.
As soon as we got off the bus we headed south to South Ferry to go to the Statue of Liberty. As I already said we did not get to go over but the sites around were beautiful.


World Trade Center/ Ground Zero

We then hopped back on the subway and went to the WTC site.
They have made a lot of progress since I was there a year ago! We asked around and it the plan for the buildings to be done is 2016. But next year on 9/11/11 the memorial and museum will be open.
You can track the progress and see the models of what the site will look like by visiting here…


Firefighter Memorial Wall

So many brave men and women’s lives were lost. May we all remember them and honor them always.
To lighten our mood we walked to Canal Street in Chinatown for some bargain shopping. I didn’t end up with any great bargains.

We headed to The Empire States Building.


Early Dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

I had to embarrass Alex a little for his birthday. They were trying to get Alex and an 8 year old do a booty dance for their sundae but Alex wouldn’t play along. He was too mortified!
Happy 14th Birthday Alex!
We had such an amazing time and great weather. There was sooo much more we saw and did but this blog post would be way too long!

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