Monday, May 31, 2010

We found another turtle!

Can you believe we found another turtle! This time it was a female Eastern Box Turtle. We found her in the middle of our yard while we were out doing yard work.

Joey was so excited and really wanted to pick this one up. Obviously this one is much less intimidating than the Huge Snapping Turtle from Friday.Once Joey picked her up he quickly let her go once her feet started moving and he flipped her over on her back. Mark quickly rescued her and took her to a protected part in our woods for her to continue on her way!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Turtle is Home Free

Crocodile Hunter Mark is finally home to rescue me.... ummm I mean the turtle :)

Mark seemed quite excited about him. Don't ya think.

We put him in our recycling bin since it is nice and tall
and didn't have to worry about him
poking his head up and snapping while we were carrying him to the "hidden pond" near our house. The title "Hidden Pond" is given by the South Western School District. They use it for field trips for the kids for science.

At the Gates of Home
See why it is the "Hidden Pond" it is completely surrounded by trees. Quite quaint. If I was a turtle I would live there.

He emerges and I think he knows where he is.

Under the fence he goes.

He is off. And believe it or not he is moving quite fast. Especially since the old guy sat in just about the same spot in my garage allllll day long. (1130 am when I noticed him til about 630 pm)


Almost there.....


He is outta here.

Home, safe, and happy at last.

Good bye Mr. Turtle
Our parting is such sweet sorrow,
But I must bid you adieu....
Please don't come back again.

The kids were really excited and concerned about him all day. Of course Sofia my animal lover did not want him to go. She wanted to keep him. Mark was our (MY!) hero and I think really enjoyed his role today too. This is definitely a day I won't forget too soon.

Today was certainly not uneventful

Today around 2pm we heard the Medivac helicopter when we were getting in our van to go out. As we were leaving we saw it land on the stadium field at Emily's High School that is near our house. So we got out and watched. They put two people on. To me they both appeared to be children; one child and one toddler. Here are the photos I took while we watched. Pray they will be ok.

Yikes a Snapping Turtle

Today I left the garage door open and a HUGE Snapping Turtle crawled in and got himself STUCK under our freezer we keep in the garage. I managed to pull him out, with a lot of coaxing from Mark on the other line of the phone and BIG work gloves , I was terrified to touch him. He is at least 9 or so inches across. I mean just look at those claws and tail..... eeeeewwwwww.

Here I had gotten him unstuck and turned toward the opening of the garage. But did he move on out??? NOOOO he had to turn around and go under Mark's workbench. Which is where he will stay until Mark gets home and moves him. LOL.


Alex was trying to keep the two little ones under control. HAHAHA

Joey is enjoying his little bit of freedom running outside with his basket.

Nanny showing Sofia an egg that is hidden on a tree branch.

My nephew Parker and I.

Sofia and Joey with Parker. We were trying to get him to laugh
because every time Sofia gets to hold him he cries for her.

Sofia and Joey with Grammy and Grandpa.

Sofia and Joey at the Easter Egg Hunt at the Methodist Church where Sofia goes to Preschool.

Here the kids are coloring their bunny ears. Then they glued cotton balls all over it.
They were soo cute.

Here they are making Easter Basket Magnets to decorate the fridge.

I know I am super behind. I am trying to catch up.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sofia was helping Pop plant

This is Sofia to a T.
A little person that is On top of the world!
uhumm. and thinks it is all hers too :)