Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer Highlights

For our summer vacation we went to Chincoteague Island, Va with my parents. We had a really good time there! Emily turned 18 while we were there which was mentioned in a previous post. Here are some pictures from our vacation and right after our vacation!

The house was off of a canal with Kayaks and a Canoe to use. Alex is trying out the Kayak here.
Mark and Alex take Joey and Sofia for a ride on the canoe. They all had a blast.
Of course a turtle found us :)
I just love this picture. They were watching a boat go out to the bay.
Emily took her best friend Michaela. Here they both are when we went to OC, MD for Emily’s 18th Birthday dinner.
Here is Joey and Sofia outside of the restaurant after filling their bellies with crab legs.
Since we were in OC of course we had to stop at the boardwalk for some rides.
Mark and Joey watching Sofia climb through the
obstacle course.

Happy 18th Birthday Emily!
Emily and Michaela took out a beach car to tour the island.
Beautiful Sisters!
The lighthouse on Chincoteague Island.
Emily thought is was funny to feed the seagulls. Then this one made himself part of the family!
Joey and Sofia first time at the beach
Joey is such a ham and loved loved the ocean!
Bathing Beauty Sofia.
Sofia wrote their names too.
Ahhhh I want to be here again!
Emily, Michaela, Sofia, Joey and I went to play Mini Golf.
Joey and Sofia pushed the ball around till they got it in. Except for a few lucky shots for Sofia where she got a hole one 2-3 times. And Joey got the only hole in one in the 19th hole and got a free game card. He was so excited… “I won, I won!”
Sofia looking pretty with her club.

When we got back from vacation we celebrated Emily’s 18th with the rest of the family and Maddie’s 11th Birthdays.
Sisters looking silly while we all sing. (off key of course)
Happy 11th Birthday Maddie!

Joey and Sofia after their first day of school – a Lunch date at McDonald’s 9/8

They survived and were happy. The first thing out of Joey’s mouth was “Where is Daddy?”
ugh breaks my heart….
Excuse Sofia’s dress that keeps falling off her shoulder. I didn’t notice it til now.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School is back in session.

Emily and Alex went back to school last week 8/31 (Alex) and 9/1 (Emily since she is a senior she gets an extra day) I have not been very delinquent with posting this summer. And hope to get some highlights from our vacation up too this week. (but don’t hold your breath .. wink wink)
Emily first day as a Senior and Alex 2nd day as an 8th grader.

Sofia and Joey started school today and both were super excited to go.

Joey started 3yr old preschool and Sofia is in the 5yr Pre-K class since she missed the Kindergarten cut off this year. They both go MWF in the morning. (Although today Sofia said she wants to go everyday…. mmmm I don’t know if I am ready! )
Joey forgot we were even there when we got there. He went right in and was off to do his thing.

Yay for me I get 7 1/2 hours a week to myself.