Friday, June 18, 2010

Pig Party 2010

My Parents Annual Pig Party was last weekend. Here are the highlights from another fun year!


Dad carving the pig.



Dad with Aunt Ebby



The kids had a race with water bomb fish.


Ok I don’t know what Emily is doing here. I think she is checking herself out while she runs….. “Do I still look good while I am running?” HAHAHA.



The little boys had a lot of fun with this game. Here Cullen (Shannan’s youngest) is carefully walking with his fish.

The object of the game what to run from one pond (water filled bucket with  water bomb “soaking” fish in it) to the other pond you need to fill up with your fish with a ladle. While you are racing against another team. This was Shannan’s idea for a game and a big hit. I am going to have to do this one again!



And wild boy Joey running back to pass off his ladle for his team.



I just had to post this picture of Cullen with his dimples. He is so cute I could eat him up.


IMG_6533 IMG_6550

The kids also had a water bomb fight from one kiddie pool to the other. Here they are just hanging out in the water. The boys kept going back and forth but the girls just wanted to have a “Girl Pool”.


We had a great time despite the humidity and heat. It finally cooled down in the evening after a small storm went through that never really hit us. ( Thank goodness!)



This blog post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t post a picture of some of the “oldies” sitting around chatting.

HA HA. I still love you guys :)

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