Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Additions to our Family

Although we are still the Fiorucci7 we should really be the Fiorucci13. Yes 13. If we include all of our pets, our family total is 13.

This includes Mom and Dad, Emily, Alex, Sofia, Maddie, Joey,  1 bunny (Duncan) and 3 Betta fish (Bob the Builder, Diamond, and Blue)

Our newest additions to our “pet"  family is two  8 week old kittens that we rescued from BARCS in Baltimore City. They are from separate litters and are 6 days apart. Nadia is Emily’s cat and Max is Sofia’s cat. They are both very cute and friendly and full of personality.

IMG_6380Max is on the left and Nadia is on the right.

IMG_6367 IMG_6378

Sofia with her new kitty Max. Nadia on alert for Joey.

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