Monday, November 17, 2008


Sofia with her super cool pink camo bandaid from the hospital. She had to get 3 stitches after tripping into her Princess riding toy. It happened around 5 pm Saturday 11/15 and of course a night that Mark and I were supposed to be going to our dear friends Victor and Annette's house. I was getting ready and Sofia was playing with Emily in the living room when I heard her crying ... Emily picked her up and I saw a large amount of blood over her eyelid. We cleaned her up and accessed the area and was pondering back and forth on if it needed professional attention. So at 6 pm we arrived at Carroll Hospital Center... ( because I refuse to go to Hanover General.... quack association) She was so perfect with barely a cry when getting her injection... or sutures. We were such proud parents as our beautiful 3 year old was a super star patient and got a ton of stickers and a homemade blanket from the nurses. She wasn't even pappoosed! She asked for pizza and a coke when we left... so we went to Ledo's! The second shot is Sofia after her bath Sunday morning.

Closer shot ...

After she got her new clean Dora bandaid....

Joey had to have one too :)
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