Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthday Party Fun

Alex and I

This is from our best friends Shannan and Rob's 3 year olds birthday party last weekend. We all had a blast. Millie loves the Blue Man Group so the party was original and a ton of fun for all of us. The kids made there own glow in the dark T-shirts for the dance party under the black lights. Alex is in the pile of leaves the kids were piling in front of the slide

Sofia showing off her shirt she made and giving us one of her classic silly faces.

Maddie showing off a paint covered leaf

From the left-

Matthew (23 months),
Our Joey(21 months),and Sylas (17 months)

Alex also turned 12 over the weekend...
here are some highlights from his birthday.

He loved his shirt that he made at Shannan's he had to wear it again to show it off.

Alex and his best friend Mason

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