Friday, December 26, 2008

Our busy Christmas Holiday

Emily at her Holiday Concert- December 14th Here she is with her Concert Choir, she also sang in the High Schools Women's Choir as well.
After the concert we celebrated Aunt Jenny's 37th birthday.
The weekend before Christmas we made and decorated some Christmas cookies.
MMM The kids liked to put lots of sugar on them

Santa left his bell behind and a letter to the children.
We started our Christmas opening gifts with the children from Santa. Then Grammy and Grandpa came over for breakfast and we opened again. Finally we all finished getting ready and went to Nanny and Pop's for the rest of the day.

Sofia trying on Joey's hard hat he got with his tool bench.

Joey with his new Diego Rescue Pack he got from Aunt Amy and Uncle Bob.
This Christmas was not the best for Joey he has a really bad cold. Christmas Eve we were at the Pediatricians getting a nebulizer treatment and chest x-ray. Thank goodness the chest x ray was negative for pneumonia but we have to continue the nebulizer treatments at home.

Maddie with one of her gifts from Grammy and Grandpa. This was round 2 of 3 on Christmas.

Emily on Christmas Day at Nanny and Pop's

Here is Alex Christmas Day too!

Sofia didn't quite make it she passed out on Poppy's lap.

Joey ended Christmas by one last nebulizer treatment before he was off to bed.

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